About this website


This website, https://stories.rdok.co.uk, intends to document the knowledge I accumulate throughout the years of my professional experience as software engineer.


It is mostly intended for experienced software engineers, including my future self. Which, both parties, will either have forgotten, or only require the gist of related documented knowledge.


Its scope is limited to highlighting the hotspots. The details, that are easy to forget. This is, what makes this website different to most.

Having said that, the documented stories will still link to corresponding code, including actual working demo. Providing the freedom to go in code depth.


In a day-to-day working or capacity, the reader has very limited time and mental patience.

It is my experience, that short, to the point problem answers, provide the most day-to-day value. This explains, why the majority of the most voted https://stackoverflow.com/ answers I’ve seen are as such.

This website intends to follow this format.